Note: I know that people feel very strongly one way or another about direct sales, so before you begin to chastise me for this post, please read it in its entirety. 

The rumors are true: I do not like MLMs. 

I do not like them with a box; I do not like them with a fox.

I do not like them in the form of makeup, wellness products, or Tupperware; I do not like them anywhere!

In the interest of full disclosure, I have never taken part in a direct sales company, but I did grow up with my parents selling Amway, taking the trips, buying the products, attending the meetings for 10+ years, and never seeing any sort of return on their investment (minus a few lifelong friends).
Their experience is what originally soured me on direct sales and the rest came later, when I got Facebook and had them pushed on me constantly.

It's no secret that I love moms making a living from home and want them to succeed, but here is the deal: A whopping 73% of people who join an MLM will either lose money or make no money at all (source). Some direct sales companies are alleged to have encouraged their partners/sellers/stylists/etc. to go into debt with the promise of making it all back and then some (source). I have heard far too many stories firsthand of people thinking they've made lifelong friends within the company but once they leave, find out that none of it was real. 

If you believe in a product and want to promote it, that is fine, but just promise me this: You will not invest money you do not have into this "opportunity," as you have a better chance of making money playing Roulette than you do through direct sales.

That's right, folks; you have a 50% chance of making money in Vegas and less than a 1% chance making it via direct sales. 

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the following popular companies have a 99.6% loss rate: 
Hi-Tech Marketing
FreeLife International
Mona Vie
MXI Corp.
Nu Skin
Tahitian Noni International
World Ventures 
Yor Health
Your Travel Biz

If it was a matter of purely selling a product or company with no upfront cost or inventory, that is one thing, but with so many companies requiring an upfront investment PLUS the added cost of wraps, make-up, shakes, sample shampoos, etc., it can put someone with little money in the first place even worse off. 

If you are reading this and have made your money back or even make a comfortable living AND have a car the company bought for you, I am sincerely happy for you and wish you more success!
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