The 5 Best Podcasts For Every Side Hustler

Aside from Twinings Buttermint Tea, re-runs of the IT Crowd on Netflix, and the fact that my boys and I get to take a quick trip out to visit my parents this weekend, my current favorite thing in the world are podcasts. While watching TV shows and movies is visually stimulating and sometimes (unless you're watching re-runs of the IT Crowd on Netflix) thought provoking, there is something about listening to a podcast that just seems to stick with you longer than anything from a screen.

Though I love me some Serial and This American Life, my current favorite podcasts are the ones that inspire me in growing my business/side hustle that are hosted and produced by some amazingly smart and business savvy folks.

If you are looking for something to inspire and/or grow your business -- or if you just need something fun to listen to while you are doing mundane chores (which is when I get in most of my podcast listening) -- check out these 5 podcasts that I recommend to every side hustler/entrepreneur/dreamer:

1.) How I Built This with Guy Raz


YOU GUYS (and gals); How I Built This is probably my favorite podcast EVER!!! Each week, host Guy Raz welcomes a different entrepreneur or inventor who has helped create some of the biggest brands in the last 50 years, including Howard Schultz (Starbucks), Herb Kelleher (Southwest Airlines), and Joe Gebbia (Airbnb). As somebody trying to build her own business, this show is SO inspiring, as the entrepreneurs are just "normal" people with "normal" backgrounds who had a big dream and ran with it.

2.) Goal Digger - The Podcast



Truth be told, I just discovered Jenna Kutcher (an AMAZING photographer and marketing genius) and her podcast, but I feel like every time I listen, I am listening to an old friend. If you are looking to start or grow your own online empire, Goal Digger offers a wealth of information that is both easy-to-understand and implement. 

3.) Brilliant Business Moms


Another podcast that I just recently discovered is that of Brilliant Business Moms, which "interviews mom entrepreneurs who are succeeding in online business while spending time with their families." Do you want to know how I found out about this podcast? Host (and successful mompreneur herself) Beth Ann Schwamberger is the queen of Facebook and Instagram ads and actually found ME through targeting -- so cool how that works, right? In addition to a plethora of free resources -- like her super informative and fun-to-listen-to podcast -- Beth Ann also teaches numerous classes, including the FB Brilliance course that I am enrolled in and hope to delve into more this evening. 

4.) She Creates Business, a Podcast for Wedding Pros


Don't let the name fool you; She Creates Business is not just a podcast for wedding pros, but for literally anyone looking to start/grow/market their business, with interesting interviews with entrepreneurs from across the country AND marketing tips and tricks from host Kinsey Roberts! (Kinsey's Tip Tuesdays are my fave.)

5.) Self Made Man


Last but certainly not least on my list of must-listen podcasts is Mike Dillard's Self Made Man; the #1 self-help podcast on iTunes that has aired interviews with such self-made men (and women) as Mike Rowe, Rachel Maser, and Tony Robins.

Which podcasts are YOUR favorite? Help a fellow mom out!