3 Easy Ways To Begin Making Extra Money TODAY

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As a busy mom, there is nothing that sounds more appealing to me than a long, uninterrupted nap; peeing without an audience; and making extra money without having to rearrange an already crazy schedule. 

All of the above are impossible, right? 

Wrong (well, in terms of the last one, anyway)! 

What if I told you that you could start making money TODAY without doing anything differently? Would you be interested? Yes? Good! Then let's get started by talking about these 3 super easy-to-use apps:

3 Easy Ways To Begin Making Extra Money TODAY.png

1.) Ibotta



You have to grocery shop anyway, so why not get PAID for your everyday purchases? With Ibotta, it’s as simple as downloading the (free) app, unlocking rebates on everyday items (milk, eggs, etc.), scanning your receipt, and then cashing out once you’ve reached at least $20! I literally just downloaded the app this weekend and am already up to $13 cash back… say what?!


I. love. Ebates!!! I have seen the commercials for years now but always brushed it to the side (after all, where are they getting the money and why are they giving it away for free, right?) but decided to give it a go as I researched this article. You guys: You can use your Ebates pretty much anywhere (including Amazon, where I shop almost daily) and earn up to 20% cash back just for using their affiliate link. By using their link (which adds *maybe* an extra 10 seconds to my shopping time, I have already earned $5, which is CRAZY considering it is all stuff I was going to buy anyway. Check it out!


Let's be honest: You're checking your phone first thing in the morning, while the kids are napping (or -- if it's a rough day -- watching an episode of Sesame Street so mamma can have ONE minute of peace!), and before you go to bed, so why not make a habit of taking a short survey each time and earning CASH?! With Swagbucks, it's seriously that easy! (In addition to taking surveys, Swagbucks rewards you for watching short videos, shopping, and even playing games.)

Do any of you already use these apps? Do you have another you recommend? Spill the beans in the comments!