Work from Home with BabyQuip

Alright all you stay-at-home moms and dads: Side Hustle Mom is BACK and -- thanks to all of you who completed my survey last month -- better than ever! One of the ways that I have reformatted SHM to better serve you is by partnering with and featuring legitimate companies (verses just scouring the web for random at home positions, seen in the former job listings section) that offer good pay, flexible hours, and fun work! 

All of this being said, I have a question to ask: Have you ever flown by yourself with two kids, two car seats, two huge bags, and a bunch of other random junk? (Never again, right -- err, I mean, you too?) Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to get to where you're going, have somebody meet you with all of the baby necessities, and then pick it up at the end of your trip so you don't have to lug it all back with you through the airport?

Dream no more, mamma, for such a company exists, and YOU can work for them around YOUR schedule! Check out what Trish McDermott, co-founder of BabyQuip, has to say about her new company (and side hustle jobs in general) and how you can get involved:

Half of all US Millennials have a side hustle according to recent research from GoDaddy. Most side hustle for extra income, bringing in on average an extra $258 each month. Many report truly enjoying their side gig. There are many popular side gigs, including driving, pet sitting, cooking, running errands and selling items online.

With so much opportunity available, what makes for a good side gig these days, especially for a SAHM? As co-founder of BabyQuip, the leading baby gear rental marketplace - one that is 95% powered by women, most of whom are moms - I think I know.

BabyQuip mompreneurs (a few dads and retired folks too) rent, deliver and set up baby equipment that they own at a family’s hotel, vacation rental, or at the homes of grandparents who are entertaining visiting grandchildren. They return on departure days and pick it all up. They use their own SUVs, vans and other car types to bring portable cribs, car seats, high chairs, swings, books, games, toys and more to families traveling to their area who simply don’t want lug all that stuff.


The work is flexible, easy, meaningful, and lucrative when compared to other side gigs. Mompreneurs acquire new sales, marketing and business skills on this journey and join a friendly and supportive community of entrepreneurs.

Here are some all-important criteria for a stay at home mom seeking to make some extra money in the gig economy. Whether you decide to start a baby gear rental business on the BabyQuip platform, or embark on any other extra income opportunities, you’ll do well to consider these factors.


Flexibility - Does your side gig give you some control over your schedule? Can you take a vacation?

Easy - For stay at home moms, your side gig certainly isn’t the most important part of your life. You’ll want work that doesn’t stress you out (too much) and a side hustle where you can easily be successful, even when putting your little ones first.

Meaningful - At the end of the day, it’s nice to know that in some way, big or small, you left someone a little happier as the result of your work.

Lucrative - Not all side hustles pay well, especially when you factor in your time and expenses. Figure out your projected hourly income before you jump into any side hustle.

Educational - Select a side hustle that helps you keep your business skills sharp, or that increases your skill set, while you’re home with your babies. Ideally, you’ll be able to launch and grow your own business, one that can become a full-time gig if you decide to more significantly return to the workforce.

Collaborative - Look for a gig that connects you with other gig economy entrepreneurs, especially mompreneurs, even allowing you to collaborate with them as you grow your business. The best of both worlds is to have a solo business, but also a community of entrepreneurs with whom to share ideas, ask questions, and even make meaningful connections.

Trish McDermott is a co-founder of BabyQuip, the leading baby gear rental marketplace with locations throughout the US and Canada. Learn more about making baby gear rental your next side gig (and if you do, let them know you heard about them through the Side Hustle Mom!).