Which Food Delivery Service Is Best To Drive For: DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, or Grubhub

Thanks to the internet, smart phones, and apps, working from home and/or on your time has never been easier! 

In this day and age, one of the most profitable of opportunities is that of food delivery, which gives drivers with the opportunity to work when they want/can and get paid every day! With so many of these different companies, however, just who do you choose? Which of these main food delivery companies pays the most? We have done the research and here is what we found:

(A side note/another reason we at SHM love food delivery: you can realistically bring your little kiddos along if need be!)

1. DoorDash


Why do I begin this list with DoorDash? Well, it's the company our family uses the most for delivery (when my parents were staying with the kids last weekend, I was able to order/send them Noodles & Co. for supper)! Founded by 4 Stanford students in 2013, DoorDash offers delivery opportunities to those 18 and up with a clean background check. 

But what does it pay? Well, that depends on a lot of factors (amount of deliveries made, your area, etc.), but some drivers have reported making a cool $25/hour! On average though, you can expect a minimum for $8/hour, as your pay is factored on tips (100% of which goes to the driver), base pay/your cut of the delivery fee, and referral bonuses that can reach up to $300 per person.

2. UberEats


"Apply To Deliver Food With Uber™ Eats. Make Up To $1,500 Per Week," advertises UberEats; another one of the bigger food delivery services that allows deliveries not only via car, but also scooter and bike. Unlike DoorDash, UberEats offers more opportunities than just food delivery, as the company is also popular for ridesharing, freight, and even air! 

When it comes to food delivery, what can you expect? From what I have found, the pay is similar to that of DoorDash, with drivers earning an average $8-$12 an hour, plus any tips you make! (Something to keep in mind with all of these jobs: several drivers on UberEats share that not every customer tips, so some days will be better than others.) 

3. Postmates 


I have seen A LOT of Postmates' advertisements lately on both Facebook and Instagram (probably because I'm constantly Googling/researching work-from-home jobs, ha), which is actually what inspired me to write this article! Founded in 2011, Postmates delivers not only food, but also groceries AND alcohol in less than an hour. All of this being said, those on the Postmates Fleet may not only be delivering food, but a little shopping as well.

Does having more potential responsibilities equal more money? Obviously, this depends on how much time and effort you put in, but the opportunity is definitely there. 

4. Grubhub


As per Grubhub, you can earn pay that is competitive of the other big 3 food delivery services AND have more opportunities to work, as the site claims to have more orders than any other platform! Sounds like a no-brainer, right? To deliver with Grubhub, you must be 19 or older, have at least 2 years of driving experience, be insured, and pass a background check. 

In addition to keeping all of your tips and having that competitive base pay, Grubhub also promises more opportunities to earn, as their platform receives more orders than any of the above.

Now let's talk actual numbers, shall we? We did a little digging and ran across a few credible job sites that poll actual employees, resulting in these average hourly and annual numbers for these main 4 food delivery companies:

DoorDash (via Indeed)

Average Base Pay: $19.12/hour

Average Annual Pay: $39,769.60/year

UberEats (via Indeed)

Average Base Pay: $19.12/hour

Average Annual Pay: $37,985/year

Postmates (via Glassdoor)

Average Hourly Pay: $10/hour

Average Annual Pay: $22,000/year

GrubHub (via Glassdoor)

Average Hourly Pay: $12/hour

Average Annual Pay: $27,000/year

Needless to say, there is a little money to be made in the food delivery field, but be sure to keep in mind both the cost of gas (which comes out of your pocket, but can be applied toward a handsome tax deduction) and vehicle wear and tear.

What are your thoughts on food delivery? Do you think it is good money for the flexible work? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments!