Here Are The 6 Best Places To Sell Online

If you are a longtime reader of Side Hustle Mom, you may recall our humble beginnings when I was going out on weekends to collect inventory (AKA thrift the $.99 bins at Goodwill) and list online, which was both a little experiment I wanted to try AND something to write about here on Side Hustle Mom!

While there was a little time commitment involved, reselling was something that was both lucrative and very enjoyable, as I loved going on the hunt and the small rush I'd get every time I sold something. While I am not selling anymore (due to time constrictions with my writing, Side Hustle Mom-ing, and -- most importantly -- wife/mom-ing), it is something that I highly recommend for any mom looking to make either a little or a lot of extra money.

If you are just starting on this path and have questions about where to even sell (like I most certainly did), I have come up with a list of my 6 favorite apps and websites that I used, and what I found to be their most significant pros and cons:

1. Facebook

If I had to pick a favorite platform to sell on, it's hands down Facebook. Why? The turnaround time is QUICK! I experimented with flipping on Facebook, and I was shocked by just how quickly things moved-- a few things I listed even sold for cash within a few minutes... you can't beat that!

A few things to keep in mind when selling on Facebook: You may have a name and a photo to go with your buyer, but always, always, always meet in a public place, preferably a police station parking lot. (I disclose in my sales description that they MUST meet me at our local police station during the day.)

2. Poshmark

Not familiar with Poshmark? It's the "#1 place to buy and sell fashion" and specializes in apparel and only apparel (versus eBay, where you can buy/sell everything under the sun). Why do I like Poshmark more than I like eBay? You know right off the bat what they are keeping (it varies with each eBay sale), how much shipping costs, AND you do not have to pay Paypal's annoying fee on top of everything else.


Now I don't want you to think that I was utterly dogging on eBay, as about 75% of my online sales came from eBay! Unlike Poshmark, you can sell more than just clothes on eBay, and I have sold everything from signed art to an antique candle from Germany to even television and movie memorabilia. As previously mentioned, the biggest con for me was having to sit down to calculate the fees for each sale (vs. knowing ahead of time with platforms like Poshmark).


Do you enjoy flipping furniture or other larger pieces? OfferUp may be the site for you! Billed as being the "largest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers," OfferUp allows you to buy or sell from your neighbors and quickly and securely message them to purchase the product or make an offer. While you can sell virtually anything on OfferUp, I - as I previously mentioned - prefer it for things that are too big to ship. Both a pro and con for selling on OfferUp is that you have to meet your buyer face-to-face, which again brings up the safety issue (though if you use common sense and meet in police station parking lot or the like, you should not have any problems) BUT allows your buyer to pay you in cash for the item.

5. Letgo

Like OfferUp, you can sell just about anything locally on Letgo; however, Letgo is more diligent in their screening process and requires users to sign up via Facebook or Google, which weeds out scams and other potential crimes (which is a MAJOR pro in our book!).

6. Craigslist

Last but certainly not least on our list of the best selling apps and sites is dear old Craigslist, which - in my experience - has generally yielded a quick turnaround time and easy cash transactions. Why is it at the bottom of my list (even though I literally just said “last but not least”)? For me, it comes down to safety… with services like Facebook Marketplace, you can check someone’s profile and generally gage whether or not they are a legitimate person and - if they are - you have an electronic log of any interactions you may have had. With Craigslist, things are practically anonymous, so ALWAYS meet at a police station parking lot and bring a friend.

As of this publication, there are literally hundreds of apps and websites where you can easily sell but these 6 have been my favorite to work with. Now it’s your turn: If you sell online, which sites and/or apps have been your favorites? Do you disagree with any of my picks? Either way, drop me a comment and let me know!