How To Get Free Stuff By Working With Localfluence

Do you have an Instagram account with 100 followers or more?

Are you the type who enjoys visiting new places and trying new things?

Do you LOVE getting free food, tickets, and/or money?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, I would like to introduce you to Localfluence.

Throughout my blogging career (which dates back when I started my cooking/lifestyle/wedding planning/eventually family update blog), I have worked with a number of different influencer platforms that offer free product in exchange for a review, post, photo, or video, but the main company I was working with never felt genuine to me, which is why I quit the influencer-ing circa 2014. Last year, however, I discovered a newer platform that did not work exclusively with national brands but also some local businesses looking for exposure and reviews, which is when Localfluence and I became BFFs.

Since joining Localfluence, I have enjoyed a heavenly massage and facial, tons of free food, and some fun gift certificates, all of which required either a social media post, Google review, or - in a few cases - both. It is seriously so fun and gives our family a chance to get out and discover new places around town!

What kind of social media posts is Localfluence wanting? They are looking for something that is natural-sounding and not-sales-y, which - if you are anything like me and literally everyone I know - is easy to do, as you are probably already recommending your favorite things to your friends.

When you sign up for Localfluence, you will receive a survey via email where you can browse all of the current offers and decide on which ones to apply. Once you do apply (which takes .5 seconds - all you do is click a button saying you're interested) and submit your survey, you will begin receiving offers in your inbox, which you can either accept or pass.

That's it.

If you accept an offer, you will be provided with details (when to submit your review/post, voucher code, etc.) and be on your way to free food, product, services, or adventures!

Do you see now why I like Localfluence so much?

Localfluence is entirely free to sign up and use, so if you have more than 100 followers on Instagram, what are you waiting for?

BONUS: As an affiliate of Localfluence, readers who my Instagram handle (@thesidehustlemom) when they sign up can score a FREE $5 Amazon gift card after they upload their first post on Instagram. Cool, right?! To get started, click here.

Please note: Localfluence is not currently available in every state.

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