Mom Boss Interview: Laurel Ludwicki from Young Living

Funny story about today's mom boss interviewee...

Back in 2012, I started a cooking/lifestyle blog that turned into a family update blog that turned into a lonely blog that hasn't been updated since August (I really, really need to update all of Gabe's info... my poor second baby). Anyway, back when it was a cooking/lifestyle blog, I made some good blogging friends, including the lovely Laurel, who was pregnant/gave birth a few weeks after we had our Jackson. 

Fast forward FOUR YEARS and I get a message on IG from Laurel checking in and re-introducing herself!! So, so cool! Anyway, we got to talking and I found out that Laurel is a Young Living Independent Distributor, which -- aside from Usborne -- is the only MLM I will buy (Thieves Cleaner and Stress Away = life), so I was so excited to introduce her and her business to you all! 

Without further ado, meet Laurel:

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 7.26.18 PM.png

I always like to start these interviews off by finding out more about you and your background, so can you give us a little blurb about who you are and what you did before getting married and having your two beautiful children?

I have been a restaurant gal for most of my adult life. A flexible schedule and lots of interaction with my customers has always appealed to me. I loved being able to go to work, do my job and then not take any stress or responsibility home with me. It made the work - life balance manageable for me. I have worked for the same major brewery for the last 10 years, dabbling in many different departments. I tried my hand at marketing, educating, and managing, where I had the opportunity to take an 8 week long personal development course! Strangely enough, it made me realize that I didn’t want to work 40+ hours a week, late nights away from my (future) babies to just get by. I wanted something I could be proud of, something I could feel passionate about and challenged by, which led me to wanting to start my own business of some sort! 

Have you always been a stay-at-home mom or was there ever a time you worked out of the house?

Once our son came into the picture, I cut way back on my hours at the brewery. I had wanted to be a mama for so long, I couldn’t handle paying someone else to raise him. Luckily, my husband is a chef so our schedules are relatively flexible and we could move things around to have minimal childcare. Once our daughter arrived, my Young Living business was starting to make a major impact on our finances, and now I work 1-2 days a week out of the house, more for socialization and a break! It has made me appreciate that adult time and interaction a lot more, but I still miss my babies like crazy! 

With all of the direct sales companies out there, what about Young Living did you find the most appealing?

I never intended to grow a Young Living business when I got a Premium Starter Kit (the best way to get going). I just thought I was supporting a friend in her business, I wanted a better diffuser than the cruddy one I had from Whole Foods, and I wanted to see if oils would actually do everything I’d heard they could. 

As with most network marketing businesses, I got plugged into some Facebook groups right away and was blown away by the supportive and thriving community. People of all walks of life helping each other with daily issues we all face and business tools that were smart and not too salesy or in your face. Then I saw the Income Disclosure statement:

And I realized there was a huge potential for this business to have a substantial financial impact on my family. A few things I love about YL as a business: 

  • don’t have to carry inventory. The majority of sales go through the website and involved helping people get their own accounts. From time to time, I’ll sell some oils or products in person but I don’t stock any for that specific reason. 
  • a culture and core values that align with my own. I’ve always been natural minded, and sought out ways to keep myself and my family well that are low impact on our bodies and the earth. The sustainability and community visions of YL are incredible and make me feel like I’m in the right place. 
  • the ability to build a business my way and in the time I have available. We don’t have sales quotas or required volume (other than approx $100/ month to qualify for ranks, which is easy to spend on products we use daily) Our team has a ‘share, don’t sell’ motto, which makes it easy to grown a business! I share what and how I use my YL products and go from there! 
  • The product line! Oh my gosh  I had no idea YL had more than just oils. It is easy to spend the $100 a month when I can grab household staples like Household Cleaner, laundry detergent, personal care products, makeup, supplements and even food! The company is transparent and conscientious in its ingredients, so I feel confident using them for our whole family and knowing we aren’t being inadvertently harmed.  

What has working with Young Living done for you and your family? Do you think it has given you opportunities you may not have had otherwise?

Definitely. I’ve stepped into a leadership and education role that I’ve always wanted, deep down. I feel much more confident in who I am as a person, so I feel much better equipped to serve others. It has allowed me to afford the things I want for my family, while allowing me to work from home and actually raise my children.

When you're a mom working from home, no two days are alike, but if you had to describe a "normal" day in your life, how does it look? How many hours a day/week do you dedicate to your business?

A normal day, HA! As you know, we try to have schedules for our kiddos, it helps their day go smoother if they know what to except! 

I always tell my team this business is built in 5 minute increments, because some days that’s all I can manage! I am starting to have my sitter come once a week for a few hours so I can work from home and actually focus. 

Here is a loose look at what a typical day may look like for me. 

7am ish - kids wake up. We make coffee and they have some snacks and water while I check the virtual office and catch up on group messages. I like to write a task list of 3-5 things I need to do for my business and team. Having it written down help me ensure it will get done! 

9am - take Henryk (4) to preschool and come back home. 

10:30am Give Annika a bottle and put down for a nap. 

10:31 - 12:30pm - shower, speed clean my house and then bust out as much work as possible. Things like follow up with interested friends, craft educational posts for my team, live videos, create and edit classes, pack giveaways, share business advice with my team, take and edit product photos, and so many other tasks that need accomplishing! 

12:31 - 1ish - feed Annika lunch and create social media post about what YL products I’m using that day and why! 

1-4pm: hang out with the kids. Go to a park, hike, build things at home, watch and movie and cuddle... I try to make a window of time during the day where I can be present with them and not distracted by my phone. I use it CONSTANTLY to stay connected. 

4ish - start making dinner for the family. Sometimes I’ll play a personal development podcast or listen to a tedtalk while I prep to keep my mind engaged. Hubby comes home around this time (YAY!) 

6:30 - Annika bath and bedtime routine 

7:15 - Henryk bath and bedtime routine 

8pm - kids in bed, wine in hand! I try to spend a few nights a week hanging with my hubby technology free, but I often run FB classes at 8pm! If I have projects to do, I’ll bang those or after bedtime! 

Even though it may not seem like much, I probably spend 1-2 hours a day on business stuff, sometimes more if I have a class running. I sneak in 5-10 minute work sessions where I can, checking messages, answering questions, helping where needed! 

What is your favorite way to market your business? Do you find one social media channel to be more effective than another?

I like using Facebook and Instagram, simply because that’s where I’m most active. It’s easy to reach a large amount of people for free, and create a culture they want to be involved in. 

I also LOVE to get together in person and teach! One on ones, groups, make & takes, whatever! Classes are VERY effective for growing your business, so people can actually smell and try the oils or other products and experience how to use them before diving in. 

What is the best part of working from home? 

Making my own schedule of course! I love not having to take a sick day if my babies are down, I love being able to call a sitter randomly for a date, and I love being able to make spontaneous plans! Working from home means my family is deeply woven into my brand and my business. H is always making guest appearances in my videos and it’s become something people love and expect. It also shows them that I’m just a normal mama and if I can make it work, they can too!  I love that I can have a real life with my family and raise them how I want. 

Do you have a favorite YL memory? 

Oh man, so many! A fave would probably be our Silver Retreat trip I qualified for last fall. Myself, James and some other women on our team stormed Utah and visited one of YL’s farms, ate some amazing food and just spent some quality time getting pampered and being poured into. I love YLs dedication to help their leaders develop to become impactful in all aspects of their life, not just for the company. 

To get in touch with Laurel, visit her website or Instagram.

Mom Boss Interview: Lisa Peek from Babierge

Last month, we introduced you to an epic work-from-home opportunity that is Babierge; a "platform business that helps you rent out baby equipment that you deliver and setup for traveling families and local grandparents hosting grandchildren." 

While the theory of renting out the baby gear you already have at a daily rate sounds super lucrative (and maybe even a little too good to be true), is it? To find out, we reached out to a REAL Babierge Trusted Partner, who runs her business out of San Antonio and was super gracious in allowing us to interview her. 

Mammas: Meet Babierge Trusted Partner Lisa Peek! 


Tell us a little bit about yourself, Lisa. I read that you are a Texas girl with two boys, but what is your professional background?

Well I need to update my profile because I actually have THREE boys now!! But I’m from Michigan originally, moved to San Antonio about 12 years ago with my full time employer - AT&T. I’ve worked for them for about 16 years starting in Michigan. I started in retail and moved to training which is what I do now, mostly virtual training now which is super great for a new mom like me - easy to do from home. I have a bachelors degree in PR/Marketing as well! 

Before becoming a Babierge Trusted Provider, did you try any other side hustles (and if so, is it something you still do in addition to Babierge)?

Before becoming a Trusted Partner with Babierge, I had tried a few self employment side gigs - social media management, dog walking, blogging - but none really seemed to jive with me. I still have my blog up, but I don’t contribute to it as regularly as I’d like. 

Tell us a little bit more about working for Babierge: What exactly is a Trusted Provider and how do you become one?

A Trusted Partner for Babierge is an independent contractor position. You are your own business, but through the Babierge network - which gives you access to a nationwide name and network and affiliations that you may not have otherwise. You can easily start a business with Babierge by joining via their website - and then one of the leaders will reach out to you. Tell them you heard about it from me! And anyone who may be interested can feel free to reach out to me as well and I can help. 

Is the equipment you rent out baby gear that you already own or did you have to purchase new items?

The great thing about this business is it’s relatively low cost to start up. They advise you purchase a full size folding crib to start, because those are hard to get quickly if you need one. However the rest of the gear they encourage you to buy as you need because most is easy to get quickly from Target or Amazon with Prime. And it’s actually advised to not buy too much at first because every market is different so it’s hard to say what your most rented items will be. 

Do you choose the pricing for your items or are they pre-set by Babierge?

We choose our pricing and delivery fees! We just pay a small portion of our per day rate to Babierge as a service fee. 

Finally, do you have a favorite memory from working with Babierge (whether it be a specific client, scenario, etc.)?

My favorite memory working Babierge is definitely a customer I had. His wife and daughter were flying in to visit for 4th of July, he’s stationed here with the military. He got a bunch of items - car seat, stroller and crib. He chose the Bob for his stroller. After I dropped the items off to him he messaged me to inquire about a tray for the Bob. I don’t have one but I told him I could get one if needed. He said I didn’t need to get it, but it was just that his daughter is blind and doesn’t like to be restrained and they use it at home to keep her in. I said say no more please let me get it for you, so I ordered it Amazon 2 day just in time for the weekend in which they would be out and about and need it most. I just like being able to do things like that that make parents lives easier because I’m a parent myself and travel and know how traveling can be stressful with kids and the more comfortable and like home you can make it, the better! 


Super fun, right?! To get started with Babierge, please visit their website (and be sure to tell them that Lisa referred you!). 

Mom Boss Interview: Meghan Benson from ellie & james

Another Monday is upon us and if you are dreading your upcoming work week, today's mom boss interview is for YOU! 

How so? 

Well, because it is with a smart, creative, and SUCCESSFUL mom boss who is making a great living while working from home and designing her own jewelry line! 

So, so fun, right?! 

Side Hustle Moms, meet Meghan Benson: A hard-working and loving mom, wife, and former teacher who now runs the popular jewelry line, ellie & james


Meghan, we know you as a wife, busy mamma to three, and inspiring mom boss, but tell us a little more about yourself! What did you do before ellie & james? Have you always been in a creative line of work?

Hi! Yes, I am a wife, mama and mom boss, but beyond these current hats I wear I have a few hanging on the shelf that I still pick up from time to time. Prior to starting my business I was a high school math teacher and soccer coach (I LOVED working with high schoolers).  Outside of those day jobs I also taught in the Education Department of a local University, encouraging future educators headed into middle and high schools.  On campus I was a technology trainer for educators and spent most of my free time studying the newest ways to integrate technology into classrooms. I actually thought my next position would be in this area, and, I have a Masters degree in Educational Technology. Fortunately, my degree has helped tremendously with running an online business, and I still get to tutor math and help coach soccer from time to time (my daughter just finished her first season in her league of 5 year olds). :)

When did you decide to leave your job as a math teacher to stay home with your kids? Was it something you had always planned to do?

I have always felt career oriented and did not plan on leaving my job to stay home. I thought I could do it all, but once we made the decision to add to our family through adoption, I knew that staying home was super important for the bonding and attachment to our son.  I also could not resist staying home with our daughter. She was so much fun and at 15 months old I started to feel like I was missing out… then began the conversation about what it looked like for me to stay home.  My husband and I moved closer to family, left our Orange County lifestyle behind, and decided that maybe staying home was what I was called to do.  Just to put this in perspective, I did not feel relieved at first… I actually felt like I was sacrificing by staying home because I loved my job and had big plans for where I wanted to go professionally. My husband and I had even discussed the opposite scenario of me in the workplace while he stayed home.  In the end, I chose to stay home and I would do it again. This is definitely where I am supposed to be.  Opening my own business gave me a sense of professionalism and an outlet that I craved. I also learned that staying home is really hard but really important.  Parenting is the most difficult job I have ever had.   

When did you begin making your fabulous jewelry? Did it start off as a hobby or did you begin designing as a potential side income?

I began making jewelry kind of suddenly one day in 2014 while looking for a birthday gift idea for my sister. She had lived in Barcelona and was missing it a lot.  I wanted her to have a map of Barcelona to wear and found the idea through a random google search. I am a little on the penny-saving side so I thought to myself, “I could make that.”   I ordered a kit with 5 pendants and 5 chains and taught myself how to do it.  I made three gifts and one necklace for myself, and then people began suggesting that I sell them.  After about 2 weeks I opened a shop online!  The rest just unfolded in the most unexpected ways, and I learned very quickly the power of social media in today’s business world!  

What was it like to sell your first piece of jewelry (and, if you don’t mind my asking, what was it and who did you sell it to)? Did you begin your sales journey at storefronts or as a vendor, or have you always been online? 

The first sell was exciting, but I will admit it was to one of my best friends. :) She bought a pendant with lyrics from Mumford and Sons on it. The next sale was from her mom… when I began getting orders from people I didn’t know (a few weeks in), that is when it started to get really exciting!  I instantly began to figure out Instagram and how to sell on there. The majority of my sales even today are from customers who visited my site through Instagram.  I do sell in storefronts around the country, but many of the boutique owners found me through Instagram and I have not physically seen my products in the stores (crazy, right?!).

How do you find the time to be a full-time mom, design the jewelry, photograph it, update your website, etc.? Can you walk us through a day in your shoes? 

There are no two days that are alike. I have three kids, three schedules, and they are little so those schedules change ALL. THE. TIME.  I struggled with balance and had a lot of growing pains once the business took off. This happened around year two.  My third year I finally hired help and life makes sense again! No, really, hiring was the biggest game changer because it allowed me time to do the business side of things, creative, designing, accounting, etc. 

Here is a ‘typical’ day… when my older two have school:
6 AM - up and get dressed before kids are up (otherwise it’s hard to ever get totally dressed)
7 AM - breakfast for all, nurse baby, snack for my son’s preschool, lunch and snack for my daughter in Kindergarten
7:45 AM - Out the door and the drop offs begin, kinder first, maybe a quick drive thru Starbucks run, Pre school drop off
9 AM - home to feed baby food and myself because I usually don’t get to eat when feeding the kids
9:30 AM - baby plays in office while I answer emails or plan out work for the day. Maybe I get things ready for my employee or I design something I plan on making later in the day (custom orders, wholesale, etc.)
10 AM - nurse baby and try to get her to take a nice nap :)
10:15 until baby wakes up - WORK AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!! The small window of “kid-less” time is so important if I have any making to do, business calls to make, or anything that needs undivided attention
11:45 - pick up time for pre school and kinder… race around getting kids
12 PM - lunch for all! 
12:30 PM - Homework time (yes, there is homework in Kinder and my Pre Schooler loves to do ‘homework’ too)
2 PM - nurse baby again and hope for a second nap (sometimes this is the first one)
2:15 PM - Back in the office! Photos, gluing, chains, charms, packaging, shipping… get it done! 
4 - 5 PM - Wrap it up for the day, post office trips, emails, etc.
5 PM - make dinner, the occasional dance party to celebrate the end of the work day, take kids outside to play
6 PM - Family dinner when daddy arrives home
7 PM - The bed time routine begins...
8 PM - We made it! Parents celebrate with some homemade sweets or This is Us/Fixer Upper. I try not to do work after hours so that my husband and I can spend time together but occasionally I have a thing or two to finish up.

What tips can you give to anyone out there interested in beginning their own creative side hustle? Is there anything you wish you would have done differently? 

Find a small group of local creatives like you who are running a business (and moms!). I have a group of 3 mamas that I meet with 1-2 times a month to talk about our businesses. We encourage, support, advise, review, etc. with one another and because each of us runs our business alone it is great to have others to bounce ideas off of. Also, we are all in different industries so it works really well to have outside perspectives (and not be in a group with a competitor… instead we can collaborate).

Second tip, don’t reinvent the wheel, but don’t steal. You will see others in your industry with awesome ideas. Learn from them, but make it your own. DO NOT STEAL OTHERS’ WORK.  It happens all the time in the creative world and is obvious. If you want a creative side hustle, get creative with your product. No copycats!

Learn your target audience. Who do you want to sell to or appeal to? What is unique about you, your product and your audience? Don’t waste your time with events or avenues that have nothing to do with your target audience. This is one area I would have examined more if starting again. I wasted a lot of weekends at un-targeted events. It puts a strain on your family when you have a lot of littles running around and you are away, especially when it isn’t productive. 

What is your favorite way to market your brand? Do you stick to social media or have you found better ways to promote ellie & james?

Social media and handmade events have been successful for me. Again, find your target audience and run with it!

Let’s end our interview on a fun note: Is there a certain piece or collection you have designed that is your absolute favorite? What was it and why?

Oh, I am always changing my favorite as I come up with new things here and there. Currently, I LOVE the bar necklaces (I wear those all the time). I created one that said 'I am enough’ just for me, one of a kind. That was probably my favorite. But now it lives with a friend who was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Vegas.  It was one of those times I knew she needed it more than I did and I probably designed it with myself in mind but was always meant to give it away. :) 

Meghan is so awesome, right?! Now that you know all about Meghan, be sure to connect with her via the ellie & james website, Facebook, and Instagram

Mom Boss Interview: Beth Hake from Mama Bear Birth

Okay, all you awesome mamas -- I am SO excited for today's interview and just KNOW that you will come away from it feeling so inspired to go out there and build your own business!

Meet Beth from Mama Bear Birth:


Beth is a former 4th-grade-teacher-turned-stay-at-home-mom-turned-mom boss who is married to her high school sweetheart, Sam, and mama to the adorable Noah and Juniper. Between raising her sweet babies and running the successful Mama Bear Birth, Beth graciously took the time to answer some of my questions about how she launched her business, as well as offer tips to other mompreneurs out there! 

You are a very busy wife and mom to two adorable little ones! What was your life like before having kids? Have you always been a doula or did you work in a different field?

Life before kids seems like a lifetime ago! But it was only 5 years. Crazy how kids do that to you. Before having my oldest, I was a 4th grade elementary teacher in a suburb of Wichita. My husband taught instrumental band at a private school in town, so we both had very similar schedules with mostly the same time off. We loved gathering regularly with our friends, exploring our amazing city, and doing anything active we could (running, biking, rock climbing, etc.)!

Fast forward to when you had your son, Noah... Were you a working mom or were you able to stay home right from the start?

I always knew I wanted the option of staying home with our kids. Once the time came to make that decision, it was obvious what I should do. My husband and I felt very strongly about one of us actually raising our kids day in and day out. We were both on board with making the financial sacrifice and really looked at it from the perspective that we will never get these years back with our little ones. I had my son in March on the very last day of spring break (perfect timing for a teacher), took the rest of the year off for maternity leave, and then never went back after summer break. So I became a stay at home mom! It was a HUGE transition to say the least. I tend to lean more towards the Type A personality, and the lack of schedule or direction for my days was very challenging (and boring) at first. Five years in, the days are simpler, smoother, and so very worth it! I’m very thankful to be on this side of making that transition, and I empathize with all the working women who are currently making that decision!

What inspired you to begin your own business? What steps did you have to take to make it a reality?

My inspiration for becoming a doula/childbirth educator began with my son’s birth. It was a wonderful, truly empowering experience that I realized was unique compared to  many of my peers. I wanted other women to understand their choices so that they, too, could have an amazing experience. I became a Certified Birth Doula in 2013 when my son was a little over a year. At first, I just took work as it came to me and didn’t do any marketing. Word of mouth is a powerful thing! It was a great part time outlet for me to help others, get my cup filled, and get some time away from being a mom. In 2014, I had my daughter and officially took off of work about 10 months (this baby refused a bottle), even though I attended a few births within that time. When my daughter was about a year, I became very busy with doula work. At this point, it was about ⅔ word of mouth and ⅓ couples finding me on a doula website called Doula Match. I still wasn’t doing any extra marketing. Throughout these years, I became very close friends with a few ladies that also shared my passion of supporting women during the perinatal period. We would chat and dream about what it might be like to go into business together, someday, when our kids were a bit older. Around this time, I also began training for and becoming a Birth Boot Camp Instructor (childbirth classes). All of us friends were working independently in our own various fields and finally just decided to go for it and launch our business, Mama Bear Birth ( We all feel very strongly that there is no time like the present even if the timing isn’t perfect for our families. That doesn’t mean we sacrifice our families. On the contrary. We all fully support one another and the amount of work we feel like we can do during our own individual seasons. That means we give each other freedom to flow in and out of taking work as babies are born, families change, and us mamas may need some time off. We trust each other fully to make the best decisions for ourselves. We also understand that not all people have that option of flowing in and out of making an income. My family sacrifices a lot of conveniences because we feel strongly about me being the primary caregiver to our kiddos.

The tangible steps we took to make Mama Bear Birth a reality are fairly simple. We meet regularly to make big business decisions. We delegate each job or role according to our individual strengths and our time available to work. We built a website and had a logo designed. We meet regularly to build relationships with professionals that will refer clients to us (doctors, midwives, other doulas, chiropractors, photographers, etc.). We also meet once a month for a ladies’ night because we want to continue to nurture and grow our friendships outside of working together. The final thing I’ll share with you, and possibly the most important, is we all daily talk on an app called Voxer. Moms, if you haven’t discovered this already, you are missing out! This walkie-talkie type app allows us mothers to talk business with our voices (not a text or email) whenever we have a moment to without being interrupted by our kids. It’s brilliant!

How do you market your business? (Facebook, Instagram, print ads, etc.) What would you say has worked the best for you?

We love free marketing! As far as social media goes, we have a Facebook page ( and an Instagram (@mama_bear_birth). These tools seem to work the best to keep people hearing your name and having conversations around what you post, which brings interest back to you. We take our business cards and rack cards to businesses where our ideal client will be.  We also spend a lot of our time making connections with care providers. These are the people who are going to give us referrals! Most of our business comes from referrals or word of mouth from previous clients. Another way we market is to have a sort of continuity of care for our clients. Once their birth class is done or I’m done being their doula, we have many other ways for them to stay connected to us, like public events, social gatherings just for them (our mama bears), and postpartum support groups. These gatherings keep our clients coming back to us and referring their friends to us.

What does a day in your shoes look like? How many hours a day (or week) would you say you spend working on Mama Bear Birth?

None of my days follow an actual “schedule”. But for the sake of this question I’ll use approximate times. A day in my shoes goes something like this:

6:30am- The 5 and 3 year old wake up and begin to play. I wake up and go start breakfast.

7:00am- Eating breakfast

7:30am- Hubby heads to work. I’m getting ready and then beginning my morning chores (make bed, unload dishwasher, clean up breakfast, etc.).

8:30am- Start our school work (I homeschool my 5 year old.)

10:30am- Kids snack, then go play outside. I complete whatever is on my “to do” list for our home (like laundry and cleaning). Or this is usually when we run errands or play with friends.

12:00- Lunchtime then play time. I make and clean up lunch, then have a little rest time (where I check emails and check Mama Bear Birth social media) while the kids are playing.

1:00pm- 3 year old naps while 5 year has quiet time. This is when I work! I make phone calls, schedule interviews with new clients, schedule prenatals, update the website, update social media, reply to emails, plan, look over the class I’m teaching for the week. I could go on, but you get the idea :).

3:00pm- Kids are awake and watching a show. I am wrapping up my work materials. We don’t have a home office, so it takes some doing to organize all of my supplies.

3:30pm- Snack then play time. We usually do something outside like biking or walking to the park.

4:30pm- Hubby gets home! I start dinner prep.

5:30pm- Dinner time. My husband and I usually trade who cleans up dinner depending on what my needs are. Some days I have plenty of energy to clean for the thousandth time and have no desire to play with the kids anymore, and other days I’d rather not clean again.

6:15pm- The kids begin cleaning up their toys/activities from the day, I help as needed.

6:30pm- Read our chapter book aloud. Kids do their bedtime routine.

7:15pm- We leave their room and the kids go to sleep! Depending on what night it is determines what we do with our. evenings. One night a week I teach Birth Boot Camp. Another night a week I meet with a doula client for a prenatal. My husband usually has to work at least one night. If we are not working, then this is our time to be together! We talk, read, get on the computer, watch a show together.

9:30pm- We are in bed reading and usually lights out by 10.

Like I said, our days are never the same. And what you don’t see in this schedule is the hundreds of times I break up arguing, wipe noses, clean up spills, kiss owies, read books, and completely lose my cool. But that should be implied ;)! I probably spend about 10-20 hours\ a week working depending on how many clients I have that month or if I attend an extra long birth.

Can you give some words of advice to any moms out there who are thinking of launching their own side hustle (but aren't sure where to begin)?

I’d begin by making sure your partner is completely on board with your desires! If you have their full support, then you will be successful. There will be many days where you will need your partner to make dinner, give up an evening with you, or use your family’s resources to keep your business going. It’s very important that they respect your work and believe in what you’re doing so there is no resentment or unmet expectations. Other than that, I’d say to get yourself out there! Meet with professionals in your field that you respect. Spend time nurturing those relationships and learning about how they’ve made a successful business. Attend community events that pertain to your field. Let people get to know who you are and why you believe in your work. You are what will get people to your business, not just a great business card.

What is the best part of being able to work your business from home?

By far the best part is being able to know my kids inside and out, better than any other person, while also having a purpose outside of mothering. My cup gets filled every week when I meet with couples or my classes. I go back home feeling like I’ve been seen as a person and professional, not just as a mother to my kids. It’s a very integral part to me staying motivated and energized day in and day out.

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