Mom Boss Interview: Karen Sterns from Plexus

If you have logged into Facebook anytime over the last 5 years, there is a good chance that you have either received a party invite and/or have seen friends promoting products via their feeds. If you are like me, you may be a little skeptical about the countless direct sales (or multi-level marketing) companies vying for your business.

However, skeptical or not, MLMs are more popular than ever, which got me wondering what all the job entails and if there is REAL money to be made in this side hustle.

To find out more, I reached out to my sweet friend, Karen, who has worked in the health field for nearly 40 years and has been selling Plexus supplements since last November:


Tell us a little bit about yourself, Karen: Have you always been in some type of sales or primarily the healthcare field?

I have been a nurse for 37 years! I worked as a Pediatric nurse for several years but most of my nursing career has been as a Neonatal nurse. I helped a friend sell Avon while I was in high school.

Let me address the elephant in the room/one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding the world of MLMs: Are they a pyramid scheme?

Pyramid schemes are illegal! My business is Network Marketing.

With all the direct sales companies out there, what drew you to Plexus? And to expand on that question, how does one decide which company is best for them?

The products drew me to Plexus! I have always been one to use natural supplements. I started taking the products in March 2016. As my health issues improved, I could no longer keep it to myself and started sharing what I was taking. That sharing lead to the start of my business in Nov 2016! I learned very quickly that Plexus had everything I was looking for. I do not have an inventory. It cost $34.95 to start my business! And the compensation plan is the best out there.

What opportunities have you had because of direct sales (Plexus)?

I have had so many great opportunities! The biggest one is getting to help people feel great! I have also met wonderful people from all over the US and world. Our convention in Las Vegas had Les Brown as a speaker, and we were treated to a private concert by Kelly Clarkson! There are many more opportunities to come!!

I'm sure it's safe to say that every model for every company is different, but how does the pay scale work at Plexus? How much does the average representative make?

The compensation plan is amazing!! And everyone starts in the same place. Your income is based on your efforts!

How do you recommend marketing your product? And about how much time per day would you say you dedicate to your business?

Because this is a Network Marketing business, I reach out primarily through Facebook and Instagram. Plexus can also be shared at events like festivals, marathon races, small group gatherings called “Sip & Sees”. I try to spend at least 30 min a day, but honestly it depends on the day. I still work full time nights as an RN. I can get a lot done in 10 min! On my days off I might work for 6 hrs. And the beauty is, that with today’s technology... I can work anywhere with my phone!! 

What is the best part of being able to work your business from home?

The other great part of a home based business Is that you can work in your pj’s if you want I can also work my business around my life! I get to be a BossBabe :)

(To get in touch with Karen, please visit her website.)