Mom Boss Interview: Stephanie Ireland from SeneGence

Alright, mom bosses: I'm back at it again with another mompreneur who is kicking butt and taking names! 

If you have been on social media anytime in the last 7 years, I'm sure you have been invited to online parties or have seen posts from friends about direct sales products/opportunities... but how legitimate and lucrative are these MLM companies? 

We have talked with Karen from Plexus, CallieJo from Usborne, Laurel from Young Living, and now Stephanie from SeneGence! 

Here she is now:


Stephanie, please tell our readers a little about yourself and -- if you don't mind -- your professional background.

I am a single mother to a beautiful baby girl who is a year and a half. I was always told that i wouldn't be able to carry a baby to term so i never thought it would happen. And then I was blessed!!! So now I don't want to miss a moment of her life but still need to support us and give her everything I can. Professionally I have worked in office settings and it's been for way too long, if you ask me. When I was much much younger I would always try out the bold or wacky colours on my lips. Like one time I used green eyeliner and then put a little gloss over it to make my own lipstick and when I came out of my room my mother said "Here Comes Stephie's Lips" so when i was trying to decide on a business name thats what i went with

Have you ever partnered with another direct sales company or is SeneGence your first? 

I tried partnering with another direct sales company when I was in my early 20's but it didn't work out. Which I definitely think had to do with my age and mindset at the time. Plus I was working two full time jobs at that moment and didn't really give that opportunity a fair chance. 

With all of the other direct sales companies out there, what drew you to SeneGence in particular? 

The first aspect that drew me to SeneGence was the product LipSense. I had never even heard of the company when I was added to a group that was doing a giveaway for a free gloss that I happened to win (which is crazy because I don't usually win anything. Must have been meant to be. lol). While talking to the Distributor who would be sending out the gloss I learned about the product and was a little skeptic. I mean come on, a lip colour that really is kiss proof and smudge proof? Like literally? I didn't believe her. But I was curious so I ordered a couple colours. When they were delivered I tried the one colour on (Plum) and it instantly became my favourite colour that I have ever worn! And it wouldn't come off! I ate two meals that day, drank copious amounts of water, and kissed my daughter all over her face and still it wasn't coming off. So I left it on all night and woke up with it still on! And at that point I was hooked! I signed up that day!

What opportunities has SeneGence given you and what can the moms reading this expect to gain by joining?

There are so many opportunities with this company! SeneGence treats us like royalty. You can hit ranks and become Maidens and Princesses! They award us with ruby and sapphire rings! Cars! Trips! And life long friendships between distributors (which really is the best award there is!). I finally have the family I've always wanted xoxo

I have no experience whatsoever with direct sales and its pay scale, so can you give us the spark notes version of how this works with your company?

Sure! So once you sign up you immediately get every product at 20% off retail value. The more you sell the higher your discount gets (up to 50%off). This is the part I love... I take my profit from the top before I place my order. For example, I placed an order that retailed for $946. I paid $463. So I made $483 profit just from one order! I tend to do 2 orders per month and the profits just keep coming in!! I also have a team of amazing ladies that have signed up under me and every month I receive a percentage of their sales that I immediately reinvest in my business and purchase stock (Okay I'll be honest... that's what I buy the products just for myself with lol)

How many hours a week do you spend on your business and how do you promote it?

Right now I spend about 6 hours spread out through the whole day. A little more if I'm doing a flash sale that lasts all day but even then I use Facebook to schedule my posts and then just follow along with the games and comments lol. In all honesty you'll get out of it what you put into it. If you want to make a full time income you totally can but you have to be willing to do the work. 

I use Facebook primarily to promote my business. I join buy and sell groups as well as job posting groups. And that's simply because you can reach a huge range of people and keep track of it all in one place. But it's also word of mouth, and I take part in various vendor events at which I do product demos and hand out my business cards. 

And now for my favorite question: Do you have a favorite memory that pertains to SeneGence?

My favourite part of being with SeneGence is the amazing women that I work alongside! I am on a team of 28 lovely ladies and we support each other 24/7. We are all about building each other up and helping each other succeed in not only this business but in life also. There have been many times where something has been stressing me out and I rant to my ladies and they help me feel better with funny pics or gifs. They are amazing! 

My favourite memory was not too long ago actually. I was scrolling through posts from my SeneGence Mommas upline (the lady who signed up the lady who signed me up, lol )  and came to her post recognizing her top 5 downline and my name was on the list! It was a total shock to see my name up there and to get recognition for it. It was a true testament to all of the hard work I was putting in. 

To learn more -- or to get started -- please shoot Stephanie an email ( or check out her Facebook page