Mom Boss Interview: DeeAnna Soicher from ThriftDee

You guys... I am FREAKING out over today's interview, as the amazing Dee Soicher from ThriftDee has so graciously taken the time to answer a few questions and give some super helpful pointers on starting (and thriving with) your eBay business!

To give a little backstory, I first "met" Dee when Brandon and I were engaged and I was super into blogging, thrifting, and wedding planning, which is how I stumbled upon her former site, Thrifting Denver. Long story short, we were able to meet up a few months later (as I am from Colorado and she lived in Denver) and got to not only thrift, but shop for wedding rehearsal/honeymoon dresses at Deja Blu. 


(As if shopping with DeeAnna wasn't fun enough, she also loaned me a TON of beautiful glassware -- mostly thrifted, of course -- for the candy and snack bar at our wedding reception, which saved us so much time and money!)

I could seriously gush about this lady all day, but I will go ahead and jump into our interview, which is as helpful as it is inspiring. Enjoy!


Before you became a mom and ThriftDee, what did you do? Have you always been in a creative field like you are now?

Before I was ThriftDee I was a stay at home mom. I am a trained Reading Specialist that worked with elementary students. I started a stationery company with a friend for a creative outlet but working with brides and Bar Mitzvah moms was no joke!! I have always been creative but it isn’t always the easiest way to make a living!

Have you always been a big thrifter or did that come at a certain time in your life?

My road to thrifting is a windy one! I was in a car accident about 10 years ago that damaged my frontal lobe. While I was in cognitive therapy my neurologist suggested writing a journal to work my brain. I began reading blogs because they were easy to consume quickly. I started following Eddie Ross who is a designer for Martha Stewart. He kept writing about his trips to Goodwill with his boyfriend. I thought, hey, I live close to a Goodwill, I should check it out! One visit and I was obsessed!!!!

The first time I "met" you was when you were writing for Goodwill Denver. How did you get such a fun job like that and what did it entail?

I began writing a Goodwill Fangirling Blog that I figured my mom would read! I was speaking with the manager and told her I wrote a blog and that is why I was there taking pictures! She told her boss in a managers meeting and it went from there!! I didn’t even know blogging was a real job!!

When did you realize that you could turn your passion for thrifting into a career? Aside from blogging about it, have you done anything else to monetize your finds?

Selling in EBay is not allowed when you work for Goodwill. While I was blogging I was buying everything! Once I left Goodwill I started selling some of my cowboy boots on Ebay and then I started reselling and flipping!! I worked with some news outlets about thrifting but there is no money to be made there!! Ha! I should have monetized my blog a LONG TIME AGO. I had a few viral Pinterest posts before it was worth any money. Dang it!!! I’m just now seriously considering monetizing. I think I was just blogging for fun. But money is FUN TOO!!

When did you start selling on eBay? Did your business take off right away or did it take some time?

Can you offer any tips to moms out there who are thinking about selling on eBay? Is there anything you would have done differently when you first began?

I love EBay selling but it is a job like everything else. I study other EBay like it’s my job. Because it is!! I work 20-30 hours a week but I make more money than if I was teaching full time. I have always made a few bucks for my Starbucks habit, but once I put my full effort into it I started making a “living”. It can be a great extra money side hustle! In order for it to be your full time gig, it takes time and effort like any other job.

What stands out in your mind as the greatest thing you've ever thrifted (whether it be in terms of sentimental or monetary value, hilarity, uniqueness, etc.)?

Hmmm the greatest thing I’ve ever thrifted? If you are a serious thrifter you know that if you put an order for the perfect thing into the universe it will come to you. I was always looking for a Burberry Quilted Jacket. I found Burberry here and there but stopped by Goodwill on a whim with my favorite intern thrifting partner and I found it!!! We were so excited that we were laughing and jumping and trying to remain calm for the check out person! I sent it off to college with her!

Tell us a little bit about ThriftDee and what Side Hustle Moms can find when they visit your site? 

ThriftDee is a blog about my thrifting adventures. I include up cycling projects with fun finds. I am thinking of starting an online EBay Selling class too that will start you out on your side hustle journey! Whether you need some extra money for your kids classes, sports, a little self care fund, or maybe you want to buy organic grass fed beef and want to buy it with no hesitation! It’s in the works! I will let you know when it launches and your readers will get the first discount code!

Finally, what is your favorite part of working from home?

I am an extroverted hermit!! I love being at home. We recently moved from Denver to Arizona. So thrifting allows me the opportunity to find new things and explore my new city! My boys are all grown up so this is my second chapter!!

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