The 15 Very Best Freebies You Can Get On Your Birthday

From the age of 3 (when you begin to realize what is actually happening) to about 22, your birthday is highly anticipated and somewhat magical...

...after 22? It begins to lose its novelty more and more with each passing year.

Should it be like this? NO! It’s your birthday — your time to celebrate you! 

The 15 Very Best Freebies You Can Get On Your Birthday.png

If you are looking to enjoy your birthday all the more and spoil yourself with all kinds of FREE goodies, check out this list I compiled of the very best birthday incentives, which include:

Applebee's: FREE birthday dessert

Redbox: FREE movie rental

Starbucks: FREE birthday drink

Red Robin: FREE birthday burger

Pinkberry: FREE birthday yogurt

The Melting Pot: FREE chocolate fondue for two

Olive Garden: FREE appetizer or dessert

Krispy Kreme: FREE donut 

Jersey Mike's: FREE sub and drink

Dunkin' Donuts: FREE specialty drink

Denny's: FREE Grand Slam

Cracker Barrel: FREE dessert

Tony Roma's: FREE entree 

Waffle House: FREE waffle

Sonic: FREE dessert

(PSST... do yourself a favor and set up a special birthday email account, so all of the birthday offers -- and other weekly emails -- are not crowding your inbox!)

Do you know of another freebie that everyone should have? Let a mamma know in the comments!